Davis Direct can handle any printing job, from the largest multi-page catalog with a die cut and foil stamp to a quick run of rack cards for your business.  

Our Montgomery and Auburn offices work together for all size jobs to ensure quality and timeliness with the attention and customer service rarely seen in small print shops.  

Offset vs. Digital Printing 

We hear it all the time – “What’s the difference between offset printing and digital printing? And how do I know which one is right for my project?”  

Offset Printing 

An offset press is what you likely think of when you think of commercial printing.

Offset printing uses economies of scale – the more pieces you print, the less expensive each piece is. It is ideal for oversized projects, or high-quantity projects. Offset printing uses plates that transfer an image onto rubber, and then roll that image onto a sheet of paper.

Offset printing is ideal when the color on your piece has to be an exact replication, without room for error. It is also ideal for oversized projects, or high-quantity projects.

Digital Printing 

Digital printing is much more cost-effective than offset printing for jobs with smaller quantities. Additionally, digital printing has the capacity to run variable data – each piece can have unique elements, such as text or even variable images that wouldn’t be possible with offset printing. 

There are many flavors of digital printing in the marketplace today. There are three main types of digital printing: dry toner, liquid toner, and ink-jet.

Davis Direct is proud to offer all three of these different technologies to choose the right application for your project. 

Which type of printing is right for me?  

There are benefits to both offset printing and digital printing. That’s where Davis Direct can help! Our team members are well versed in the capabilities of both types of printing, and will work with you to determine what’s best for you, your project, and your wallet!  

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